This Sunday (July 6) at St. John’s

 And they blessed Rebekah and said to her, “May you, our sister, become thousands of myriads; may your offspring gain possession of the gates of their foes.”  Genesis 24:60

Of course I have always listened to these stories about Rebecca since I was named after her.  In my 2012 pilgrimage to the Holy Land, I actually visited the site commemorated as Rebecca’s tomb.  This site is revered by Muslims and Christians.  Rebecca’s tomb is inside a mosque and women must totally cover themselves up.  I had to wear a brown sheet-like garment over my clothing.

Me covered up and with an odd look at Rebecca's tomb in the Mosque at Hebron.

Me covered up and with an odd look at Rebecca’s tomb in the Mosque at Hebron.

Just last week, we read about Abraham nearly sacrificing Isaac. This week Isaac is grown and needs a wife. He finds one in Rebecca. As Rebecca leaves her family, they bless her.

Isn’t that what we all want from our friends and family…their blessing? We hope the choices we make meet with our family’s blessing and love. It’s a wonderful and joyous gift…one that doesn’t always happen. But one thing is sure, God’s blessing is always available to us!

Blessings to you as you finish your week!

Love, Rebecca+

Bulletin 7-6-2014

Happy 4th of July!

On this 4th of July, take time to read some important documents.  Read the Declaration of Independence or the 4th of July speech of Frederick Douglass, challenging the empty rhetoric of the promises in the founding documents of the United States.  Read the Iroquois Confederacy document, written in the 15th century, which influenced the writers of the Declaration and the Constitution.  Think of our life in Christ and whether these founding documents further the Kingdom of God or not.

Rebecca’s Schedule: Next week, Rebecca will be in Corbin on Thursday, July 10, and her Sabbath day will be Friday, July 11.  You can get a message to me by calling the church office at 606-528-1659 or

Happy 50th Anniversary to Jerry and Barbara Hollifield, July 3.   Jerry and Barbara were married at St. John’s Church.  Flowers have been sent from the church and a card will be available to sign at the Sunday service.

Eucharist at Christian Care Communities: Join Rebecca this Sunday afternoon as she celebrates Eucharist at Christian Care Communities.  Elmer Parlier will be playing guitar.  The service is 30-45 minutes and the residents would appreciate your attendance.

Adult Forum: This summer and early fall, we will discuss a portion of the Gospel of Matthew.   We will follow our Gospel lectionary, discussing the following week’s Gospel – Matthew 13:1-9, 18-23.

KCEOC Lunch Program:  The KCEOC Summer Youth Lunch Program is distributing lunch Monday through Friday, 11:20-11:35am in our parking lot.  Youth 18 and under are eligible for this free lunch.  Youth are enjoying sitting in our park eating their lunch.  Monday through Thursday is a cold lunch of sandwich, fruit or vegetable, juice, and milk.  Friday is a hot lunch.  Please continue to get the word out.

Corbin Alumni Concert: The Corbin Alumni Band will be performing in the park on Saturday, July 12th.  Bring a lawn chair and join us for an evening of fellowship and music

DOK: Daughters of the King:meets the third Wednesday of each month at 4:30pm.  The next meeting is July 16.  Anne Day Davis will conclude her presentation on oils of the Bible

Grow Appalachia:  The Vestry voted to move ahead with this project.  As we continue to work on this project, let the members of Vestry know your questions.  Their website is

Flowers for the altar: Donations for flowers for the altar are accepted for any Sunday of the year. Please place your donation in the envelope, marking whether they are in honor of or in memory of someone.

Serving Our Neighbors – See baskets in the parlor.

  • Everlasting Arms, Corbin’s shelter for people who are homeless, is in need of men’s and women’s razors, gloves, deodorant and socks.
  • The Food Pantry at Corbin Presbyterian Church is always in need of nonperishable food items.  Vegetables are especially appreciated.



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