COVID-19 Resources

Tracey Herzer Huston developed some short resource sheets about COVID-19. These sheets focus on Pastoral Care in the Time of Coronavirus, Talking with Kids about Coronavirus, and Tips for Staying Home.

You can view and download these resource sheets from the St. John’s Episcopal Church website. There is a menu link as well as a COVID-19 banner on the front page.

You can also navigate directly these resources from

Special Guest and Potluck

This Sunday Sarah Harcourt Watts will be preaching at the Sunday Eucharist service. She is Executive Director of Reading Camp and will be available after the service to talk with members of St. John’s about an opportunity for St. John’s to host a Reading Camp for the area.

We will also be having potluck this Sunday. Come hungry and be nourished at the Eucharistic table and then at the extended table of potluck!

No Evening Prayer 11-27-2019

As a number of people who usually attend Evening Prayer on Wednesday evenings will be traveling or out of town this Wednesday, the decision was made to cancel the Evening Prayer service for November 27. If you know of someone who regularly attends but may not see this message, please reach out to them to let them know.

As a side note, we are not a community of monks, but as a community of worship and prayer, we can take inspiration from some aspects of monastic practice. The Rule of St. Benedict, chapter 50, addresses the situation of community members working at a distance or traveling at the prescribed times of communal worship in the following manner:

Brothers who work so far away that they cannot return to the oratory at the proper time– and the abbot determines that is the case — are to perform the Work of God where they are, and kneel out of reverence for God. So too, those who have been sent on a journey are not to omit the prescribed hours but to observe them as best they can, not neglecting their measure of service.

When we cannot be at communal worship for a justifiable reason, a good practice would be to take a moment at the time of communal prayer and join the community in prayer from a distance. This can be as simple as a moment of silent prayer, the recitation of the Our Father, praying the Rosary, or grabbing a nearby copy of The Book of Common Prayer and praying the daily office prayers.

For all those who are traveling, may God bless your journeys and may you return safely to join your community of worship for Morning Prayer on Sunday!

Hot Dog Bar Potluck!

Our October 27 potluck will be a themed potluck. The theme is the ever popular hot dog bar. Bring your favorite chili to top a hot dog, or any other topping appropriate for hot dogs. The Outreach Committee will be providing hot dogs, buns, and chips. Other sides are also welcome.

Start planning your hot dog toppings. A variety of chili toppings are encouraged!


Potluck cancelled!

The potluck for this Sunday, Sept. 29, has been cancelled. Sunday services are still as scheduled. We will be having morning prayer, with Bruce Cory preaching on how evil money is. (Not really, but pretty close. Come to hear the full sermon Sunday!)

The parish hall air conditioner is experiencing a malfunction. This only affects the kitchen and front half of the hall, but that is sufficient to make it uncomfortable, particularly for anyone working in the kitchen.

Donna, the Junior Warden, and the vestry are working on getting the air conditioner repaired or replaced as soon as possible.

Wed., Sept. 25, Woofstock!

Tonight, Wed. Sept. 25, in place of the evening worship service, you are invited to attend Woofstock!

St. Francis of Assisi, patron saint of animals

This ecumenically supported program is taking place at the Knox-Whitley Animal Shelter (66 Busy Lane, Corbin), at 5:30 pm. Please bring pet food, pet toys, or pet-appropriate snacks as a donation. St. John’s will be participating in the pet blessing in honor of St. Francis of Assisi, the patron saint of animals.