Suspending Sunday livestream

The Sunday livestream has had no participants for the past few Sundays. Because of this lack of interest and the lower COVID risk levels, the Sunday livestream is being suspended until further notice.

The Wednesday livestream, however, has continued to have moderate attendance. This livestream will continue. Link to the livestream will remain posted on the church website front page.

Potluck Returning!

With the lifting of many COVID precautions, the leadership at St. John’s has determined it is a good time to resume our monthly potlucks.

Sunday, Oct. 30, will be our revival of the monthly potlucks. We will also have potlucks on November 27 and December 18 (adjusted because the last Sunday is Dec. 25). There is even some consideration of December 18 being a cookie exchange. More information will be available soon.

Kroger Community Rewards

It has been some time since a reminder about Kroger Community Rewards has been sent out, so take this as a friendly reminder and encouragement to participate!

Kroger Community Rewards allows Kroger shoppers to link their Kroger loyalty card to a community organization. Every purchase you make with your loyalty card earns the organization a small donation from Kroger. These small donations build up! We currently get around $50 per quarter, or $200 a year from the Kroger Community Rewards program. That is from 13 registered households so far.

The following link will give you instructions for linking your Kroger Community Rewards to a community organization (hopefully, St. John’s, but even if you support a different organization, that is GREAT!) Our organization code is CJ251.

Annual Meeting Sunday

My apologies. I (Bruce) was asked to send this earlier and it slipped my mind until today.

As has been announced the past couple of Sundays at the services, this Sunday is our Annual Meeting. We will be approving an annual budget, electing three new vestry members, and electing diocesan convention delegates.

We will begin the meeting immediately after the Prayers of the People and concluding prayer of the Morning Prayer service. The service and the meeting will be live streamed and available through the link on the church website.

January 16 service Zoom only

The January 16 Christian Formation gathering and service of Morning Prayer has been transitioned to Zoom only because of inclement weather. You may join the service with the following link:

Christian Formation will begin at 10:00 am and the service of Morning Prayer will begin at 11:00 am.

Longest Night Worship Service

As we are all painfully aware, the Covid pandemic has claimed the lives of all too many of our members and the community at large.  In response, Baptist Health Corbin is inviting the families of those who have died at the hospital, the staff, and local congregations to join in worship. 

Longest Night Community Worship 

A service of light amid the darkness; where those who struggle this holiday season may find comfort and hope.

Hosted by Baptist Health Corbin with ecumenical partners in ministry, Tuesday, December 21st at 7:00 pm in the Hospital Cafeteria.

Some may prefer to join virtually on Zoom at