This Sunday (July 20) at St. John’s

And he dreamed that there was a ladder set up on the earth, the top of it reaching to heaven; and the angels of God were ascending and descending on it.  Genesis 28:12

This story we hear the story of “Jacob’s Ladder.”  Jacob’s vision is amazing.  It seems like Jacob is in that in-between place (liminal place) between the worlds of earth and heaven.  Jacob calls it the gate of heaven and marks the spot at Bethel (house of God).

A beautiful depiction of this gate between heaven and earth — a ladder with angels ascending and descending — is in stained glass at Grace Episcopal Church, Broadway, New York City.   The window was given in memory of Edith Corse Evans.  36 year-old Edith Corse Evans gave up her seat on Collapsible D, the last remaining lifeboat to be launched from the sinking Titanic. She selflessly offered her seat to Mrs. Caroline Brown, a 59 year-old woman with children by saying: “You go first, you have children waiting at home.” Ms. Evan’s body was never recovered and a memorial service was held at Grace Church Broadway.  The stained glass window and a plaque are in her memory.  

God assures Jacob he is in God’s care.  Jacob’s descendants will be in God’s care.  These are the promises and assurances we have each and every day.  Remember this gate and remember you are in God’s care

Blessings and you finish your week!

Love, Rebecca+

Bulletin 07-20-2014

Rebecca’s Schedule

I will be attending the National Association of Social Workers’ National Conference next week in Washington, DC.  From July 27 until August 8, I will be on vacation visiting family and friends in Pennsylvania and New York.

Morning Prayer will be held on July 27 and August 3. I will return on August 10 and TJ Tetzlaff will once again preach.

Pastoral Care:  In case of pastoral emergencies please contact the Rev. John Burkhart 606-521-0345 or

Adult Forum: This summer and early fall, we will discuss a portion of the Gospel of Matthew.   We will follow our Gospel lectionary, discussing the following week’s Gospel – Matthew 13:31-33, 44-52.

Pot Luck Sunday:  Next Sunday, July 27 is our monthly pot luck.  Bring a dish or drink to share.  And all are welcome!  Plan to fellowship with each other.

KCEOC Lunch Program:  The KCEOC Summer Youth Lunch Program is distributing lunch Monday through Friday, 11:20-11:35am in our parking lot.  Youth 18 and under are eligible for this free lunch.  Youth are enjoying sitting in our park eating their lunch.  Monday through Thursday is a cold lunch of sandwich, fruit or vegetable, juice, and milk.  Friday is a hot lunch.  Please continue to get the word out.

Interested in being a member of St. John’s?  If you have been baptized in another faith tradition, and want to be a member of The Episcopal Church and St. John’s Church, plan to attend confirmation classes this fall.  There will be 5 classes offered, most likely beginning in September.  If you are interested, please let Rebecca know.  If you have already been confirmed in another faith tradition and would like to be a member of St. John’s, let Rebecca know, so you can be received into the church.  If you are interested in baptism, also let her know.  Baptisms, receptions, and confirmations will be done when the Bishop visits.

Diocese of Lexington Stewardship event: “Life as a Steward” is the theme of a daylong event designed to assist parish leaders enhance our ministry of stewardship. National stewardship leaders Keith Stroud of the Diocese of Virginia and Gene Musser of Kirby Smith Associates will be our guest leaders, and will guide us in presentations of theology of stewardship as well as practical aids for your parish stewardship program. This event will take place Saturday, August 2, from 9am to 3 pm at Ascension Frankfort.  Click Here for the registration form.

Grow Appalachia:  The Vestry voted to move ahead with this project.  As we continue to work on this project, let the members of Vestry know your questions.  Their website is

Financial Report


(5 Sundays)

BudgetYTD ActualYTD MonthlyBudget ActualMonthly
Total Revenue $23,735.50 $14,991.06 $3,955.92 $2,453.11
Total Expense $23,735.50 $23,092.42 $3,955.92 $3,249.69
Difference   -$8,101.36   -$796.58


Computer and Furnace needed!  The furnace located in the sacristy, which heats part of the social hall and hallways must be replaced prior to this winter.  Cost is $2,250 for a furnace that will also be more energy efficient.  We’ll also need to replace two more furnaces over the next two years:  one that heats the parish hall and one that heats the rectory.  Our computer also needs replaced and $600 will get us a new one plus the needed software.  Donations for these two items can be put in the boxes back on the shelves in the parish hall.

The Vestry has voted to donate a niche in the Columbarium to the family of Deacon Dane.  A bronze plaque needs to be purchased to mark the niche.  The cost is $208.   If you would like to donate to the cost of this plaque, please let Gay Nell know.

Are you interested in assisting with the Sunday service?  Readers, Eucharistic Ministers, Crucifers, Altar Guild Members and choir members are all important for each Sunday service.  If you’re interested in serving, please let Rebecca know by phone 859-429-1659 or

Serving Our Neighbors – See baskets in the parlor.

  • Everlasting Arm, Corbin’s shelter for people who are homeless, is in need of men’s and women’s razors, gloves, deodorant and socks.
  • The Food Pantry at Corbin Presbyterian Church is always in need of nonperishable food items.  Vegetables are especially appreciated.
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