Pentecost Sunday, May 23!

Pentecost Flames and Dove

Sunday, May 23, is Pentecost Sunday. This major celebration of the church, which occurs fifty days after Easter (hence the “pente-” in pentecost!) commemorates the descent of the Holy Spirit upon the followers of Christ (Acts 2), empowering them to go out and preach the Gospel of the Resurrection of Christ to the ends of the earth.

This Sunday will be a celebration of Holy Eucharist (Communion) outside under the canopies at 11:00 am.

All are encouraged to wear red, which is the liturgical color for this celebration, as a reminder of the tongues as of flame (Acts 2:3) which appeared and hovered above the heads of Jesus’ followers.

Everyone is also invited to bring a picnic/sack lunch for after the service. While we cannot yet return to a buffet-style potluck, we can still gather and celebrate individual and family meals as a church community.

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