Pow Wow Water Distribution

St. John’s will again be at the Kentucky Native American Heritage Museum 9th Annual Honoring Our Veterans Pow Wow this Saturday, Sept. 2, from 10 am to 6 pm. The Pow Wow is at 4115 Cumberland Falls Hwy., Corbin, KY (the link will take you to a map).

Help is still needed to staff our booth from 10-6. Any shift for any amount of time is appreciated. Your presence is most important! We will be distributing water to those at the Pow Wow and sharing the Living Water of the Gospel (which can be as simple as a friendly smile!) to any who visit with us.

Help will also be appreciated at 6:00 pm to dismantle and clean up our space at the Pow Wow. Help also will be appreciated at 6:30 at St. John’s to unload the supplies.

If you wish to help defray the cost of water and ice, please make a deposit in the offering plate and mark if “Pow Wow water” in the memo line, or speak with the Treasurer, Gay Nell Conley. Our goal is to have at least 10-13 cases of water and four ice chests to keep it cold.

Contact Bruce Cory at bwcory at gmail.com (replace the “at” with an @) if you are able to volunteer for a shift.

More information about the Pow Wow can be found at http://www.knahm.org/PowWow.html


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