RENEW Kroger Community Rewards

Kroger Community RewardsAugust is time to renew (or enroll!) your Kroger Shopper’s Card in Kroger Community Rewards. Each quarter your Kroger purchases earn rewards for St. John’s Episcopal Church. The last quarter we received $94.33 from 12 households who identified St. John’s as their local organization to support.

Each August a household must re-enroll in order to continue supporting its selected community organization. If you are not currently enrolled, please consider taking the time to sign up, and if you have been enrolled, please consider taking time to re-enroll. If we can increase the 12 households to 20, imagine how much more we could earn!

The link below includes instructions on how to sign up or renew your enrollment in Kroger Community Rewards. It costs you nothing personally to sign up, and your purchases help support the mission of St. John’s Episcopal Church:

Proclaiming the Gospel, promoting justice, and preparing a diverse community of seekers to reflect the welcoming love of Christ.

St. John’s non-profit organization number is 47782.

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