Diocesan Regional Listening Session Reminder

This Wednesday, August 3, St. John’s is hosting one of the four Diocesan Regional Listening Sessions. The session begins at 6:00 pm with Evening Prayer. Please come and share your prayerful thoughts and insights about 1) the effect of Dr. Hahn’s suspension on you and your parish; 2) whether the integrity of the relationship between Dr. Hahn and the Diocese and its people can be restored (including why or why not); 3) the advantages and disadvantages of restoring the relationship; and 4) where you have experienced grace during this time.

If you are unable to attend this listening session, there is one other listening session scheduled Thursday, August 11 at St. Alban’s, Morehead (145 East 5th Street, Morehead 40351, stalbansmorehead@gmail.com)

You can also express your thoughts by responding to the questionnaire on the diocesan website – http://diolex.org/blog/uncategorized/standing-committee-diolex-survey-form/

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