This Sunday (June 22) at St. John’s

We know that our old self was crucified with him so that the body of sin might be destroyed, and we might no longer be enslaved to sin. Romans 6:6

How many times have our old selves been crucified with Christ?  I believe this happens many times throughout our lives.  Our faith grows.  Our understanding deepens.  As we continue to pray, worship, live in community with each other, we hear God guiding us in new ways.

When I was twelve years old, I belonged to a wonderful church youth group.  We were on one of our semi-annual retreats.  I had been pleading to know Jesus…to really feel in my heart that God existed without a doubt.  We were having a service (it wasn’t Eucharist, because you had to be confirmed to receive communion at that time.)  We started saying the Lord’s Prayer and I knew without a doubt that God existed.  I’ve never forgotten that moment.  While my faith has waned at times, that experience has stayed with me and is the foundation of my old self being crucified with Christ.

And I know throughout my life, these old selves have been crucified with Christ.  I never thought I’d live in Kansas nor Washington, DC, nor New York City, nor Kentucky.  Many things I’ve experienced were not even on my “bucket list.”  God bids me say good-bye to my old selves, yet like most of us, I want to hold on to them.  “I like the path I’m on,” I plead with God.  And God tells me there’s so much more waiting for me if I can let go.

What old self are you clinging to?  What old self is God asking you to let go of?

Blessings as you finish your week!

Love, Rebecca+

This Sunday we welcome Tyler “TJ” Tetzlaff to the pulpit.  Tyler ‘TJ’ Tetzlaff received his Masters of Divinity at Episcopal Divinity School in May of 2012.  He has worked with several religious orders and a number of church communities throughout the Boston area.  TJ is exploring the process for ordination in the Diocese of Lexington.  He currently serves on the board for the Clark County Homeless Coalition and works for the Nonprofit “STRIDE” as a mentor to developmentally handicapped adults.  He lives in Winchester KY with his wife, Chana, who is Minister-In-Charge of Emmanuel Church. 

Rebecca’s Schedule

Next week, I will be in Corbin on Thursday, June 26, and my Sabbath day will be Friday, June 27.  You can get a message to me by calling the church office, 606-528-1649 or

Adult Forum: This summer and early Fall, we will discussing a portion of the Gospel of Matthew.   We will follow our Gospel lectionary, discussing the following week’s Gospel. This Sunday, we will discuss Matthew 10:24-39.

Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender Month is June.  We will have a special service on Sunday, June 29.

 United Thank Offering.  Remember to get your box for your thank offerings for this ministry of The Episcopal Church.  The next collection will be in the fall.

Pot Luck Sunday:  Next Sunday, June 29, is our monthly pot luck.  Bring a dish or drink to share.  And all are welcome!  Plan to fellowship with each other.

Wednesdays in the Park.  Our Wednesdays in the park conclude this Wednesday, June 25.  We will play games with the children.

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