This Sunday at St. John’s September 15, 2013

The fool has said in his heart, “There is no God.”   All are corrupt and commit abominable acts; there is none who does any good. (Psalm 14, v1)

When we look around at the world, it is often hard to believe that God does exist.  Floods, starvation, war and violence abound.  In addition, what we as Christians do to each other in the name of Christ can make many wonder about the existence of God and the abundant love of Jesus.

Especially in our times, believing in a loving, gracious God is against much of the culture.  Following where God leads and in the footsteps of Jesus, as imperfectly as we do it, can seem crazy.  Yet, we are sustained, because we know God seeks us out when we are lost and strayed.  We know we are precious in God’s sight as we hear in this week’s Gospel lesson about Jesus and the 99 sheep as told in Luke.

Even when we have doubts, there is something in meeting each week, in the praying, in the being together that keeps us coming back.  Something in our lives and the way we live them is different when we believe in God and when we follow Jesus Christ and when we feel the spirit guiding us.

Blessings as you finish this work week.  Look forward to seeing you on Sunday.

Love, Rebecca

My Schedule

Next week, I will be at the Brushy Fork Institute at Berea College for most of the week.  Please feel free to contact me any time, however, by calliing 859-429-1659 or

Memorial for Ed VanGorder on Sunday, September 22, 2pm

Come to the Barn at 2pm on Sunday, September 22, to celebrate the life of Ed VanGorder.  June says to come with an appetite and ready to tell your favorite stories about Ed.  We will process to the columbarium for interment.

Would you like to be baptized, confirmed or received into the Episcopal church?

Bishop Hahn will make his annual visit to St. John’s on Sunday, October 20. If you would like to be baptized, confirmed or received into the Episcopal church, please let me know so we can schedule the appropriate classes.

Christian Formation for children and adults begins October 6

Children are invited to participate in the Godly Play program. Prayerfully consider assisting with the spiritual formation of the children in our parish.  Anne Day and Dura Anne are asking for additional assistance in this important task.  Let’s show our children how much we value them and how important their spiritual development is to us.  If you can help regularly or occasionally, it would be appreciated.  Please let me know.

Adults are invited to participate in an exploration and discussion of the book, “Radical Welcome” by The Rev. Stephanie Spellers

What does it mean to be a Christian community that is radically welcoming?  And how can we become such a community?  This book provides helpful information and real-life stories.

We need 3-4 people who will lead us in this exploration.  Leaders will provide summaries of the various sections of the book, and lead us in discussion over 8 weeks.  Let me know if you would like to lead OR if there is someone in the Parish you would recommend to lead.

For more information, go to and to watch a YouTube video go to

5th Sundays

Celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month on Sunday, September 29, with bi-lingual service and potluck

There are 4 months each year with 5 Sundays and I’m proposing we do something different liturgically on those Sundays.  September 15-October 15 is National Hispanic Heritage Month, so on September 29, much of our service will be bi-lingual, English/Spanish.  I hope hearing familiar words in a language that may be unfamiliar brings new meaning to us and also reminds us that we are connected to a Worldwide communion.

Start now to practice The Lord’s Prayer in Spanish:

Padre nuestro que estás en el cielo,
santificado sea tu Nombre,
venga tu reino,
hágase tu voluntad,
en la tierra como en el cielo.
Danos hoy nuestro pan de cada día.
Perdona nuestras ofensas,
como también nosotros perdonamos
a los que nos ofenden.
No nos dejes caer en tentación
y líbranos del mal.
Porque tuyo es el reino,
tuyo es el poder,
y tuya es la gloria,
ahora y por siempre. Amén.

A copy of the El Libro de Oracion Comun is available at:  Holy Eucharist Rite II begins on page 277.  

Litany of Welcome Photos posted

Dr. Kay Collier-McLaughlin, Bishop’s Deputy for Communications and Leadership Development, posted some wonderful photos from last Sunday when the parish welcomed me to St. John’s.  You can view them at

Let’s plan to attend the Diocesan Ministry Fair, Saturday, November 9, 9:30am – 3:00pm at Emmanuel Church, Winchester

Bishop Hahn is inviting all of us to the First Annual Ministry Fair – Toward a More Excellent Way.

A great gathering of music, fellowship and keynote address will be followed by three workshop sessions and a shared lunch. Workshops topics, include Christian Education in Small Parishes, Leadership For Vestries, Lay Ministry Updates, An Overview of the Gospel of Mark (for Our Liturgical Year A), and What’s New at Reading Camp. There will be six workshop choices for each session – something to help every parish and every participant find a more excellent way of ministry.

The Reverend Barbara Blodgett will be the keynote speaker. Dr. Blodgett teaches Pastoral Leadership at Lexington Theological Seminary. Prior to this she was head of Supervised Ministry for Yale Divinity School. Her fields of expertise are leadership, ethics, and excellence. Dr. Blodgett will offer a workshop in addition to her keynote address.

For a copy of this Sunday’s worship bulletin, please click here: Bulletin 09-15-2013.

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