Welcoming Jesus (Sermon) June 29, 2014

Sermon – June 29, 2014 The Rev. Rebecca S. Myers, CSW St. John’s Episcopal Church, Corbin, KY Celebration of Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender Pride Month Third Sunday After Pentecost (Track 1) Jesus said, “Whoever welcomes you welcomes me, and whoever … Continue reading

What are you making for pot luck tomorrow (June 29)?

What are you making for pot luck tomorrow?  I made a family summer favorite – ham with green beans and potatoes and spice cake with raisins cupcakes with cream cheese frosting.  See you tomorrow morning! … Continue reading

KCEOC Summer Lunch Program for Youth

Kentucky Community Economic Opportunity Commission (KCEOC) is distributing lunch Monday through Friday from 11:25-11:40am, at St. John’s Community Park.  Youth ages 18 and under are served.  Monday through Thursday, a cold lunch of sandwich, fruit, chocolate milk and juice is … Continue reading

This Sunday (June 22) at St. John’s

We know that our old self was crucified with him so that the body of sin might be destroyed, and we might no longer be enslaved to sin. Romans 6:6 How many times have our old selves been crucified with Christ? … Continue reading

This Sunday (June 15) at St. John’s

Greet one another with a holy kiss. 2 Cor. 13:12 Paul ends his second letter to the church in Corinth with this command.  The kiss Paul is referring to is intimate, but not in a romantic sense.  The church community … Continue reading

Being Sent (Sermon) June 8, 2014, Pentecost

Sermon – June 8, 2014 The Rev. Rebecca S. Myers, CSW St. John’s Episcopal Church, Corbin, KY Pentecost Then the disciples rejoiced when they saw the Lord. Jesus said to them again, “Peace be with you. As the Father has … Continue reading

Love One Another (Sermon) Hibbitts/Pearce Wedding

Sermon – June 7, 2014 The Rev. Rebecca S. Myers, CSW St. John’s Episcopal Church, Corbin, KY Marriage of William Robert Hibbitts and Amber Hannah Pearce This is my commandment, That ye love one another, as I have loved you.  … Continue reading

It’s Today! Billy and Amber get married

Yes, there is a wedding in the park at 7pm this evening.  For the past few weeks, many members have been taking care of the grounds to welcome Billy and Amber’s family and friends.  Many thanks to Irene Isaacs, Anne … Continue reading

This Sunday (June 8 – Pentecost) at St. John’s

And at this sound the crowd gathered and was bewildered, because each one heard them speaking in the native language of each. Amazed and astonished, they asked, “Are not all these who are speaking Galileans? And how is it that … Continue reading