This Week (June 1) at St. John’s

You sent a gracious rain, O God, upon your inheritance; *
you refreshed the land when it was weary. Psalm 68:9

This Seventh Sunday after Easter, we mark the Ascension of Jesus into heaven.  Ascension Day is Thursday, May 29.  Monday through Wednesday of this week were rogation days — times of fasting and prayer for protection.  Rogation days are times when farmers ask for blessings on their crops.  They were times when parishes “beat the bounds” or walked the boundary of their parish or their property, asking God for protection.

So, we hear Psalm 68 and this portion, which reminds us of our northern hemisphere growing season.  We need rain.  Gracious rain sounds like rain that will be good for the land.  A drenching rain can wash away the good growing soil or run off too quickly.  A gracious rain sounds like the steady soaking rain that replenishes the water supply and allows the earth to drink it in at just the right pace.   The gracious rain is refreshing.  It is not destructive.

During these days, think about the land and the earth.  Think about how it provides so much of what we need to have a good life.  Give thanks for its gifts and examine your part in being a good steward for the earth.

Blessings as you finish your week!

Love, Rebecca+

News & Notes

Bulletin 06-01-2014 Instructed Eucharist

Rebecca’s Schedule: Next week, Rebecca will be in Corbin on Friday, June 6 and her Sabbath day will be Thursday, June 5th You can get a message to Rebecca by calling 859 -429-1659 or

This Sunday we welcome The Rev. Peter Doddema from St. Philip’s Episcopal Church, Harrodsburg. He will lead us in an Instructed Eucharist. Notice your bulletin provides additional information about the various parts of our service. Rebecca is at St. Philip’s this morning.

Our series on Resurrection Living continues this week. 

Godly Play: Next week (June 8) Godly Play classes will conclude for the summer with a celebration of Pentecost. Classes will resume in the fall.

Wednesdays in the Park: Join us each Wednesday through June 25 for hot dogs and fun. This Wednesday, June 4, Ken and Shelia Phillips will bring the Kentucky Native American Heritage Museum to the park.

I publish the Banns of Marriage between William Robert Hibbitts of London, KY and Amber Hannah Pearce of Lexington, KY. If any of you know just cause why they may not be joined together in Holy Matrimony on June 7, you are bidden to declare it. This is the third time of asking.

United Thank Offering (UTO): is a ministry of the Episcopal Church for the mission of the whole church. Our ingathering of your UTO offerings will be today. The UTO Boxes will be gathered and brought forward with the offering.

Grow Appalachia: The Vestry voted to move ahead with this project. As we continue to work on this project, let the members of Vestry know your questions. Their website is

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