Help needed this weekend!

Pow Wow FlyerThis weekend is the annual Kentucky Native American Heritage Museum Pow Wow. Each year we set up at the Pow Wow and distribute water.

Help is needed in the following capacities:

8:30 am – Loading at St. John’s. Help with loading supplies into the car. One person needed. We need to load the cooler, tent, and signs.

9:00 am – Ice loading at the Liquor King on Cumberland Falls Hwy. One person needed. We need to buy the ice from the ice machine and dump it into the two coolers.

9:30 am – Set up at the Pow Wow. One to three people needed. Setting up the tent is a minimum two person job, but works best with three or four.

Hour shifts starting at 10:00 am – 4:00 pm. At least one person needed.

Take down at 5:00 pm. One to three people needed. We need to take down the tent, empty the coolers, and load everything back into the car.

Unloading at St. John’s at 5:30/6:00 pm. One person needed to help unload everything. Coolers need to be set out and open to air dry.

I have a spreadsheet set up at this link where you can see where there is need for assistance. Donations toward the ice and water can be made by placing your donation in the offering plate and marking the check “Pow Wow water”, or by contacting the Treasurer, Gay Nell Conley.

If you can help, please contact Bruce Cory at bwcory (a) (replace the (a) with the @), or call 440-227-0035.

More information about the KNAHM Pow Wow and can be found at



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