This Sunday (August 10) at St. John’s

Now Israel loved Joseph more than any other of his children, because he was the son of his old age; and he had made him a long robe with sleeves. Genesis 37:3

This Sunday we hear a portion of the story of Joseph.  I have always loved this story.  I’ve thought Joseph’s brothers were so mean to him, plotting to kill him, but ultimately selling him.  Yet, I’ve loved how it all turned out for the best..the horrible time Joseph had, ended up saving the people.

In seminary, I took a year of Hebrew and we read this story in Hebrew.  Then, I understood why Joseph’s brothers were so frustrated with him.  Joseph was a pain!  The long robe of many colors had sleeves that came down to the middle of his palms, which meant he could do no work in it.  In the Hebrew, you understand how Joesph annoyed his brothers, continually calling attention to himself.

At least his brothers did not kill him; however, selling him away seems a rather drastic measure to take.  What a heartache for Jacob.  And Joseph went through some very difficult times.  Yet, in the end he continued to love his brothers, despite their actions.  There was a joyful reunion.  Joseph saved many people during the years of famine, including his family.  May we be forgiving and loving like Joseph.

See you Sunday!



Bulletin 08-10-2014

Rebecca’s Schedule: Next week, Rebecca will be in Corbin on Wednesday, August 13, and her Sabbath day will be Friday, August 15.  You can get a message to Rebecca by calling the church office at 606-528-1659 or

Welcome: Today we welcome Tyler J. Tetzlaf to the pulpit.  TJ received his Master’s of Divinity at Episcopal Divinity School in May of 2012.  TJ currently serves on the board for the Clark County Homeless Coalition and works for the Nonprofit “STRIDE” as a mentor to adults who are developmentally handicapped.  He lives in Winchester with his wife, Chana, who is Priest-in-Charge of Emanuel Church.

Service in Rotary Park, Sunday, August 17, 10am; pot luck following.  Next Sunday, we will worship at Rotary Park with members of Corbin Presbyterian and First Baptist.  Bring a dish to share for the pot luck afterwards.  Meat and drinks will be provided.

Adult Forum: This summer and early fall, we will discuss a portion of the Gospel of Matthew.   We will follow our Gospel lectionary, discussing the following week’s Gospel – Matthew 16:13-20.

We will once again be distributing water at the Pow Wow on Ken and Shelia’s property on Saturday, August 30.  If you’d be willing to donate for the water and ice and/or take a shift handing out water, let Rebecca know.

Interested in being a member of St. John’s?  If you have been baptized in another faith tradition, and want to be a member of The Episcopal Church and St. John’s Church, plan to attend confirmation classes this fall.  There will be 5 classes offered, most likely beginning in September.  If you are interested, please let Rebecca know.  If you have already been confirmed in another faith tradition and would like to be a member of St. John’s, let Rebecca know, so you can be received into the church.  If you are interested in baptism, also let her know.  Baptisms, receptions, and confirmations will be done when the Bishop visits.

Computer and Furnace Needed: The furnace located in the sacristy, which heats part of the social hall and hallways must be replaced prior to this winter.  Cost is $2,250 for a furnace that will also be more energy efficient.  We’ll also need to replace two more furnaces over the next two years:  one that heats the parish hall and one that heats the rectory.  Our computer also needs replaced and $600 will get us a new one plus the needed software.  Donations for these two items can be put in the boxes back on the shelves in the parish hall.

Columbarium Niche: The Vestry has voted to donate a niche in the Columbarium to the family of Deacon Dane.  A bronze plaque needs to be purchased to mark the niche.  The cost is $208.   If you would like to donate to the cost of this plaque, please let Gay Nell know.

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